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The window replacement sector is fiercely competitive. The leadership of Puget Sound Window & Door was eager to fill their project pipeline following a sustained period of consistent business. While they initially sought our assistance in managing their AdWords, we recognized an opportunity to enhance their market share by tapping into their deep industry expertise.

Services Performed

Campaign landing page
Social media
Inbound marketing

Because they didn’t have the time or budget to overhaul their website, we instead built a compelling landing page to serve as a target for our advertising strategy. We then quickly built a resource library including videos, articles and social posts showcasing their sales manager’s expertise in windows and doors.

Under a compressed timeline we built an effective marketing system across Google Ads and social media to promote the company. It resulted in a 366% increase in website traffic, 8.278 visits to the site (5,906 for the first time) and almost 261 conversions in just the first 3 months. One of their videos has recently passed the 42,000 view mark.



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