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The majestic setting of the Issaquah Highlands provided inspiration for a new housing development to be nestled among the beautiful surroundings. With the ground breaking deadline looming, the developer reached out to build a brand and marketing campaign to capture the spirit of the project.

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During our discovery we toured the Issaquah area and were impressed by the activities and culture it had to offer. Our strategy partner Red Propeller had finalized the name, Panorama, so we decided that it was only fitting to build the logo and identity system around one of the most popular local activities, hang gliding around Tiger Mountain.

We built an entire branding and marketing system, including website, sales center graphics, sales materials, and digital marketing under a tight deadline to support pre-selling efforts. Despite the Covid challenges sales have been robust and we are excited to see the vision come to fruition in the next few years.

The crew over at Rusty George Creative invested their time to understand our goals, embrace the marketing strategy and truly collaborate. Results were a visual brand identity and accompanying tool kit that clearly resonated with the right audience – measured by us as engagement, lead generation and content engagement. The tasteful balance of setting, lifestyle, casual luxury, and PNW styling hit the mark. Just the logo alone practically tells the whole Panorama story!

Derek Lunde - Strategist / Partner, Red Propeller



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