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Air Spares had long been the regional go-to dealer of replacement parts for Boeing aircraft. But as capabilities evolved into fabrication and engineering, they were concerned the original name just wasn’t covering their full offerings. Plus, it was a little corny (their words, not ours).

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After a thorough research and comprehensive naming process we developed a more encompassing and powerful moniker Aeroforge, along with solid brand mark, assets and website design, to give them the confidence to walk in and pitch international airlines purchasers.

Establishing a position around the company’s expertise in tilt-up construction, we developed a memorable and innovative brand solution, as well as a clean and intuitive website to celebrate its strength in that niche.

As younger airline purchasing representatives become familiar with their offerings, the modernized brand sets Aeroforge on par with other leading part tooling and fabrication providers.

We noticed we were struggling to acquire new customers because buyers from major airlines assumed from our branding we were a mom and pop shop without the resources or depth of bench to handle their needs. Our new name and brand direction better reflects our abilities, reassures our clients and prospects that we can do the job, and gives us solid confidence to scale and grow.

Evan Brown President



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