Northwest Door Company

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Website Development

Northwest Door (now Hormann) manufactures high quality residential and commercial garage doors and components. Its website didn’t capture the company’s passion for state-of-the-art production.

Services Performed


RGC built a product database to help NWD’s marketing team to easily manage its vast inventory, and also allow dealers to access and showcase on their own sites.

The fresh version of the website site offers a more robust user experience, is a stronger marketing tool, and better captures the company’s forward- thinking, innovative vision of the future.

After our overhauled website was up and running, the Rusty George team was quick to answer questions and offer technical support, and any time we needed to change something or make an update we knew we could count on them to make it happen in the timeframe we needed. I would highly recommend them for your next marketing or website project.

Robert Phillips, Previous Marketing Manager



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