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Automated palletizers are large machines that stack bags of products like nuts, onions and potatoes with great accuracy, reducing labor costs. Sounds like an easy enough sell, right? With no cohesive marketing tools and a vague identity, Byron Nelson Automation had a difficult time convincing managers in the agricultural industry of its product’s value.

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Simplifying the name to a more solid and American-sounding Byron Automation, we designed a logo mark to represent a single finely-tuned machine replacing the power of many men. We established the messaging Beyond Manpower and developed a brand system – including sell-sheets, video, tradeshow display, signage and website – that now positions Byron as the authority in automated agricultural machinery.

The product videos, sell sheets and website help close sales with half the effort our client had been used to extending. He comments that he and his crew now have to work around the clock to meet the new business demand. We consider that the best compliment ever.

The new image and materials gives us the confidence to close bigger deals faster. Rusty George Creative gave us the presentation to help us stand up a little taller when courting new prospects.It’s like when you go out on a date with a clean crisp shirt on rather than a wrinkled old rag. First impressions go farther when you dress to impress.

Scott Main, CEO



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