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Although it can claim credit for many metal fabrication projects throughout the region (including the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the Air Bridge at Seattle’s Museum of Flight), Jesse Engineering was struggling to remain top of mind with clients and prospects. Its brand was outdated and weak, its offerings were all muddled and there was no marketing system to be heard of.

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We not only simplified the name and rebuilt the brand to be recognized easier, we also developed a marketing process to consistently showcase its impressive portfolio of projects and stay relevant to those who may be seeking services.

Jesse is now humming along smoothly with an updated brand and marketing system, including everything from modern calendars to memorable forged steel giveaway items, doing the hard sell through branded storytelling.

Our original brand was looking dated and didn’t mention anything about specialty steel fabrication, which is our core business. The new brand direction is more lively and vibrant, and more importantly, it minimizes brand confusion by reducing the engineering focus we had been saddled with for so long. Phil Jesse President, Jesse Co.

Phil Jesse, President



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