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Since when did B2B have to mean Blah to Blah?

While other sectors can lean on gimmicks and incentives to land more business opportunities, there are no shortcuts in the B2B world of the building industry. We help you win more projects by getting in front of the right prospective clients, showcasing your capabilities and building their trust and confidence so they feel comfortable handing that big contract to you over your competitors.

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Marketing strategy

There are a million ways to promote your business. While you can’t do them all, you certainly can’t stick to one. We build a customized marketing strategy that achieves your business goals, from filling your project pipeline, to attracting the work force you need to get the job done.

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    Marketing strategy
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    Marketing implementation


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world and your prospects are three times more likely to watch a video than read a paragraph. From drone captures of your most recent project to a vignette of your key team members, video is an excellent way to tell your story and make a genuine impression about your company.

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    Video marketing strategy
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    Company values video
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    Project highlight video
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Competitive advantage

A powerful proposal or pitch presentation could make the difference between landing a million dollar contract and receiving a polite thank you email. We also develop price sheets, catalogs and other quality sales materials to boost your sales teams’ win rate.

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    Price/cut sheets
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    Product catalogs

Social media

Although it gets overlooked as a viable marketing option in the B2B space, social media is a valuable promotional tool, even for building contractors. Granted, TikTok might not be worth your time and energy, but we show you how to incorporate LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other relevant channels into your communications strategy.

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    Social media campaigns
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    Social media templates
Social media marketing for construction and industrial companies
Jody Miller Construction website design and development for a commercial builder

Inbound marketing

Valuable resources, stellar project case studies and how-to guides can establish your building company as an industry expert and thought leader, turning curious website visitors into enthusiastic into customers.

Additionally, a hyper focused search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) strategy can be used to improve your websites visibility and drive traffic to your digital showroom.

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    SEO (search engine optimization)
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    Resource library
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    PPC (pay per click)

Outbound marketing

Stay top of your customers’ minds by regularly sending timely and informative materials based on your unique industry expertise and point of view.

Emailed newsletters or mailed case studies are an excellent way to keep your business relationships fresh and enduring.

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    Direct mail
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    Tradeshow booths
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Corporate communications

Creating effective corporate communications concretes a strong and aligned brand presence throughout your internal team and target audience.

We help industrial companies convey their message in a clear, concise, and impactful way.

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    Internal messaging
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    Corporate communication templates
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    Mission, vission, values

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Marketing examples

Burke Gibson

Burke Gibson

We worked closely with Burke Gibson’s team to modernize the brand, color scheme, and messaging to appeal to a broader audience beyond paint and stain displays. We also built a marketing campaign to leverage their capabilities and draw in more project opportunities, from residential and commercial millwork to airport fixtures and furnishings.
Nu-Ray Metals

Nu-Ray Metals

We built a website and marketing material system for this materials supplier to not only showcase their high-quality roofing products line, but also capture their enthusiasm and deep knowledge base, and also position its team as the subject matter experts in the roofing industry.


Branding Services Tacoma


Modernize your logo and image to better reflect your team’s future-focused vision

Competitive Positioning

Web Design Services Tacoma


Build a website to showcase your capabilities, verify credibility and attract quality audiences

Search Attraction


Marketing Magic for building giants

Stay ahead of the game and on top of the industry with our expert guidance and practical advice.

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Coldwell Banker Danforth has worked with Rusty George for over 10 years.  They treat our business like it is their own. We love the fact that they always have put their heart and soul into making sure our marketing and graphics look great and project the company image as we want.  Rusty has always put a full effort into digging deep into what makes us tick so they are on the same page with their work product.

We can wholeheartedly recommend RGC for all your marketing/graphic needs.

Dave Danforth, President
Coldwell Banker Danforth


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