Brand development

Construction site employees building a school for Jody Miller

STRATEGY-FIRST branding to modernize your company’s image under one strong story

We collaborate with you to modernize the way you present yourself - from your positioning platform to your logo, messaging and assets - to reflect your vision and credibility, galvanize your clients’ trust, and inspire your team with a renewed sense of purpose.

Rusty George presentation to a team of engineering on their new brand in Tacoma and Seattle

Brand strategy

Just like the buildings you construct, successful brands have to be developed with a solid foundation that represents your team’s core values and purpose. We identify and define the audiences who are most primed to engage with your services, conduct research and gather insights to determine the true points of differentiation from your competitors and then develop the perfect strategy to build an effective brand with strength and clarity.

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There are several companies that provide similar services or products in your industry, but none have the same capabilities, team, culture and passion that you do. We analyze the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for you to stand apart and proclaim your own unique position that will attract and build loyalty of prospective audiences or team members.

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    Competitive advantage
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    Team alignment
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    Brand position/story/promise/traits
Port of Longview brand standards
Rusty George construction logos

Logo design

Your brand identity, otherwise known as your logo, is the flag on top of your building that distills everything your company represents into one strong icon. Through a transparent and collaborative process, we partner with your team to develop the symbol and visual language that proclaims your team’s unique capabilities, values, culture and vision, both now and well into the future.

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    Logo/brand family
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    Graphics system
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    Style guide

Graphic assets

Based on the initial logo we develop iconography, typography, color palettes and other graphic elements that make up a visual toolkit that differentiates you from the area’s competing building businesses. We then build out a custom set of the assets you need to enhance your business, whether it’s business cards, site signage, even apparel, vehicle graphics and social media posts. The list goes on…

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    Stationery suite
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    Communications templates
Rusty George engineering brand design and marketing
Accrete Construction Marketing Materials


A consistent messaging framework under a strong brand story allows your team to stay aligned, informed and inspired. It also helps you educate your clients about the philosophy behind your process throughout the project journey. We develop strategic verbal language to better communicate across all company channels, from marketing and business development, to operations, human resources and client service.

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A brand is only as strong as how it gets implemented. We develop a comprehensive visual manual that explains every component of the brand system, starting with initial company philosophy to your positioning, messaging and tagline. We also outline proper use of the logo, colors, typography, images and graphics to allow your team members to confidently perpetuate your brand through all future marketing channels and applications.

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    Brand manual
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Pacific Box brand manual for an industrial box manufacturer

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branding examples

Hutteball + Oremus

Our team conducted positioning workshops and collaborations with the core leadership team and firm as a whole to ensure we built a brand that represents the company’s vision, industry focus, and dynamic culture.

Byron Automation

Simplifying the name to a more solid and American-sounding Byron Automation, we designed a logo mark to represent a single finely-tuned machine replacing the power of many men. We established the messaging Beyond Manpower and developed a brand system – including sell-sheets, video, tradeshow display, signage and website – that now positions Byron as the authority in automated agricultural machinery.


Web Design Services Tacoma


Build a website to showcase your capabilities, verify credibility and attract quality audiences

Search Attraction

Marketing Services Tacoma


Tactics and materials to attract new business opportunities as well as workers to get the job done

Marketing Strategy
Social/Digital Media
Sales Materials


Fortify your Identity

Strategies, tips, and insights for strengthening and solidifying your industrial brand.

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The crew over at Rusty George Creative invested their time to understand our goals, embrace the marketing strategy and truly collaborate. Results were a visual brand identity and accompanying tool kit that clearly resonated with the right audience – measured by us as engagement, lead generation and content engagement. The tasteful balance of setting, lifestyle, casual luxury, and PNW styling hit the mark. Just the logo alone practically tells the whole Panorama story!

Derek Lunde, Strategist / Partner
Red Propeller


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