Why Building Pros Should Adopt the PESO Model

Learn more about the PESO Marketing Model and how separating your marketing tools into easy-to-use channels makes promoting your building business a breeze.

The PESO Marketing Model could help grow your construction business. 

It’s fair to say building professionals generally don’t prioritize marketing. We get it. Completing your current project and booking the next gig is more important than talking about what you do. But with the industry continuing to grow -- and new subcontractors popping up every day -- it’s more urgent than ever to get serious about promoting yourself as an employer and partner of choice. 


Historically, marketing strategies have revolved around offline methods such as direct sales and mailers (postcards, brochures, letters, fliers), print advertising (magazines, newspapers, billboards), radio and television spots, and word-of-mouth. While some of those methods remain relevant, technology is constantly changing how consumers experience marketing materials. And with so many ways to market your business, you may be at a loss of where to start. 


Enter the PESO Marketing Model. 


PESO stands for “Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned” and aims to simplify the marketing process by helping brands to separate their marketing tools into four easy-to-manage channels. Here’s a rundown of how to best utilize those channels to ensure your next campaign goes off without a hitch. 


Paid Media. Paying for media doesn’t mean you need to spend buckets of cash on fancy radio and television plugs or expensive print ads. In this day and age, one of the best – and easiest – ways to connect with potential business partners and employees is online. Consider investing in social media advertising, sharing sponsored content on your social accounts and website, and planning a consistent email blast schedule. 


Earned Media. Also known as publicity or media relations, earned media aims to create brand awareness. Reach out to local media outlets and ask them to share your story. Take part in a featured article for a local trade publication. Make an appearance during a news segment about construction. Spend 30 minutes of your day talking about your success on a podcast. Growing your project pipeline will be easier if your audience is already familiar with your brand and values. 


Shared Media. Shared media is also known as social media. Beyond investing in paid media on social platforms, you can take advantage of free marketing by simply being active on your social accounts. In fact, many building professionals have begun using social media as their main avenue for communicating their company culture and values to employees, vendors, and external audiences. 


Owned Media. Owned media is the original content you create and share on your company website or blog. As mentioned in a handful of our previous articles, you control your brand messaging. Take time to tell your story and figure out the best way to share that story so you can connect with the right people on a human level. Doing so will help build trust and likely grow your project pipeline. 


Why Does the PESO Model Matter?

The PESO Model is designed to drive business and enhance your brand without getting too complicated. It also forces building professionals to look at their marketing efforts through four unique lenses, and to use that knowledge to integrate existing channels or invest in developing new programs and initiatives that will set you apart from the competition


You’ll figure out pretty quickly that one or two of the PESO channels are working better than others for you early on. For example, Rusty George has had a lot of success connecting with new clients through direct mailers and regular email blasts (Paid Media). But you really need to tap into all four PESO channels to get the best results. We’re in the middle of doing just that by building our Owned Media library (check out our new videos and podcasts!) and beefing up our social media presence (Shared Media). The best part? We’re already seeing results! 

Are you ready to get serious about your marketing efforts? Rusty George is a construction marketing agency in Tacoma helping builders get louder.


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