10 Tips to Better Market Your Construction Business

Jumpstart your construction marketing campaign and position your company as a trusted building industry authority.

Helpful hints for jumpstarting your construction marketing efforts. 

The key to successfully marketing your construction business is positioning yourself as a brand people can depend on and want to work with long term. While there are several things you can do to kick your marketing into high gear, here are some easy steps to get started. 


1. Take control of your reputation.

Get your processes down, be a clear communicator, and exceed the expectations you set for yourself. Do you want to be the best at what you do? Find the best people and do the best work. Do you want to stand out among your peers? Identify your competitive advantage – the thing you’re already doing better than the rest – and explain in your own words why people should trust you. By taking control of the narrative, you will be able to build a reputation that will make you proud.


2. Develop your Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profiles help people find your business online when looking for local products and services. Google Business Profiles also feature a section where clients can add a review, which improves your online ranking and overall web presence. You might also consider paying for Google’s local services ads, which pop up when someone in your area searches for the services you provide. The ad will also feature a “Google Guaranteed Badge” and a direct link to your contact information.


3. Make sure contact information is easy to find. 

Your phone number should be easy to find and tied directly to your company name across all platforms. This includes Google searches, signs in public places, and fliers at the local supermarket. You’ll also want your website to feature several calls to action that link directly to your Contact Us page. 

4. Build a website that’s helpful.

According to Blue Corona, 63% of consumers primarily use a contract company’s website to find and engage with them, while 30% of consumers do not consider a business that does not have a website. The most effective websites make it easy for visitors to learn about you and your services. Are you showcasing your company culture? Are you highlighting important case studies? Give visitors the information they want (and need) to build trust and reach out.


5. Get niche with your audience targeting on social media. 

Social media is the best digital platform for getting super specific with audience targeting because your followers are already fans of what you do. Take note of the content your followers are already engaging with and use that information to craft future posts. Communicating with followers on social media might also lead to real-world relationships with prospective business partners and employees. 


6. Celebrate your employees. 

One of the best ways to create customer loyalty is by featuring actual employees in your marketing materials. Showcasing the real people behind the operation will establish trust faster than manufactured messaging. It can also aid in framing your brand as more authentic and relatable.


7. Build an informative blog. 

Sharing informative blog posts on your website is an easy way to provide your target audience with valuable content and tips – and boost your SEO. The best business blogs answer common customer questions and position the brands behind them as industry authorities. Hosting a popular blog might also help attract new business and employee interest. 

8. Create compelling video content. 

Set your brand apart from the competition by investing in high-quality video footage that showcases what you do from a unique angle. Drone videography is becoming especially popular among building professionals, who are also using the technology to update stakeholders on project progress, identify potential job site safety hazards, and share digital maps with their team.


9. Try Guerilla marketing. 

Think outside the box and make a bold statement that will cause your audiences to remember your company over your competition. The Rusty George team once worked with a construction company that chose to celebrate the holidays by gifting branded Jenga game kits to their customers. Another client of ours sent out LEGO sets to promote their building services and the equipment they use regularly.

10. Foster relationships with past clients. 

Keeping in touch with former clients online or over the phone will show you care and will help build trust. Cultivating authentic relationships could also lead to ongoing partnerships and referrals. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.  


We're confident you can take the first steps to improve your marketing on your own. But if you want to level up your brand, consider partnering with a marketing agency experienced in engaging your specific audiences. Why? Niche marketers have the skills to strategically exploit your competitive advantage, position you as an employer of choice, and increase your project pipeline. At Rusty George in Tacoma, WA, we're experts at helping builders get louder. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!


Source: Wordstream, Hook Agency

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