Showcase Your Projects in the Best Light This Fall

Winter’s coming. Have you photographed your favorite projects yet?

We hope this year has been one of your busiest yet, with all kinds of projects under your belt that you would love to show off to your colleagues and prospective clients. But there’s a chill in the air and the skies are about to turn gloomy. If you don’t set aside a couple hours to run down and document your accomplishments before the leaves fall off the trees, you might miss out on capturing them in their full glory.


One of the best new biz strategies in the building industry is to create a library of case studies for each or your projects, walking through the process and showing off your outstanding final results. You can share case studies as regular mailers, feature them on your website or post them on social media to keep your community updated about your business.

When done well, these position you as an authority and convince prospective clients you’re the right partner for their next project. A quality case study, website or social post is only as good as the best imagery. Great photography makes any project report compelling and memorable. Snapshots in the dark, driving rain can be a total turnoff. 


We get it. You’ve been super busy over the last few months because the weather has been nice and you’re playing catch up. As a result, you've probably put off collecting imagery despite having some great projects in the can. But to paint your projects in the best light, fall is the perfect time to document your latest batch of case studies – especially in the Pacific Northwest. Fall colors accentuate the vibrance of your buildings and help boost the appeal of your featured materials. Think crisp temperatures, clear skies, and dreamy golden tones.


Unlike those late summer mornings, the shift to fall also means you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the golden light. Alternatively, you won’t have to wait until 11 p.m. for the magical blue hour because there are less hours of full daylight. 


As a leader in construction marketing in Tacoma, WA, Rusty George has seen a number of clients shortchange themselves by pushing photo shoots until the winter, when the skies are darker, rain is pouring and trees are bare. It doesn’t matter how amazing projects are, if they are poorly lit and surrounded by an ugly environment, it sends a message that you don’t care enough to follow through on the details.


While fall weather can be unpredictable, the atmospheric variety presents plenty of opportunities for unique imagery. For example, mist and fog – combined with the morning golden hour – can lead to stunning images that will set you apart from the competition. Fall light also allows for experimentation with different angles. Go wide, go close, go macro. If you get your timing perfect and get a little playful with your images, you can tell a great story of good construction in a picture-perfect environment.


Case studies can be a powerful piece of targeted marketing that showcases the value of your services in a quantitative and qualitative way. But no matter how good the information in your case study is, prospective clients won’t give them a second look if the imagery isn’t well-composed and doesn’t catch their eye. Picking the right time to take those photos could be a game changer that wins you more long term business. 


Photo credit: iStock Photo

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