5 Ways Multi-Location Construction Contractors Can Improve Their Online Marketing

Five effective ways for construction businesses to increase business and maximize profits

Marketing is one of the greatest challenges for builders and contractors. It can sometimes seem like you have to spend a buck just to make a buck. However, by carefully building an effective company website and solidifying a cohesive brand, it is possible to break through the muck and start maximizing profits. The following breakdown looks at five of the most effective ways for construction businesses to capture leads and improve profits online.

1. Build a Robust Where-to-Find Page

Although e-commerce is taking over many types of retail businesses, it’s not an effective option for builders and contractors. While clients will undoubtedly turn to the web as a starting point for a construction project, they are going to want to find the nearest contractor at some point.

In order to turn leads into contracted clients, it is critical to have the best division locator software for your construction business, especially if you operate out of multiple locations. By creating a robust contractor locator page for your company website, your business will increase its profitability in a multitude of ways, including:

Client engagement – use branded local pages to feature a project showcase, design services, reviews, and company credentials to pique the interest of local customers

Segmentation and conversion – a good locator page does not leave prospects hanging. When they are ready to do business, their information is automatically routed to the nearest professional who can follow up on their inquiry 

Analytics - your business can use integrated lead workflows to immediately send follow-ups, oversee prospect responsiveness, land more projects, and reward your best-performing professionals

2. Invest Heavily in Customer Service

Your business is only as good as public perception in 2022. It can take as little as one scathing online review or social media post before potential prospects start looking in another direction. Statistically, 76% of consumers say it is now easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. And with multi location building businesses, the stakes are even higher—a bad review at one location can spread like wildfire and hurt your entire company.

One of the quickest ways to draw the ire of customers is through poor customer service. When clients cannot get their questions and concerns answered in a satisfactory manner, they are likely to share their experiences with the rest of the world and turn to a competitor. As a result, it is critical that you invest heavily in making customer service a top priority. 

While having robust automated features, such as chatbots, FAQ sections, and instructional videos are important for immediately attending to a customer’s needs, it is also important to give them an outlet for obtaining personal interaction to help solve problems they cannot figure out on their own. In addition, always follow up any customer service request to see if there is any way your business could have served them better—an important relational concept for helping secure long-term clients.

3. Standardize Operating Procedures

As you grow your construction business, certain expectations will begin to form. Clients will expect the same reliable, consistent performance that led to your business’ expansion, possibly across many locations.

Therefore, it is critical that you train all your team members to perform within a tight range of operating procedures. In addition, all of the messaging and marketing put out through your company website needs to be consistent and in-line with your business’ brand. You do not want to lose clients by having a single interaction be incongruous with what they have come to expect.

4. Leverage the Power of Local SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization (structuring your website and its content to be the most attractive possible for internet search engines) has changed the business landscape over the past decade, with companies spending significant money on coming to the top of Internet searches. However, few businesses understand how to tackle SEO correctly.

True, the Internet can put your business in contact with a worldwide client base. But to be successful in the SEO game, it is much more effective to narrow your focus and home in on customers in your local market.

When clients engage in local searches, they are more likely to be ready to buy. Where a search for “best roofing contractor” is likely made by a client seeking general information, a search for “best roofing contractor Seattle WA” is probably performed by a Seattle-area resident looking to make a roofing upgrade sometime soon. Therefore, your company’s website should be replete with quality content to win these local searches and ensure it is your business customers turn to when they need a contractor.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

Every business knows that it is much more efficient and profitable to keep an existing customer than to cultivate and secure a new one. Therefore, it is critical to find ways to foster ongoing relationships and guarantee repeat business.

Leverage technology by sending automated follow-ups to clients at regular intervals to ensure that they are happy with the quality of service they received. Offer special promotions and discounts to former clients. Find ways to recognize and celebrate your clients on your website or social media pages.

Improve Leads and Profits for Multi Location Businesses

Multi location construction businesses must have a carefully designed website and cohesive company brand to succeed in the era of hybrid business. By incorporating an elite WordPress division locator to their company website, investing heavily in customer service, standardizing operating procedures, leveraging local SEO, and rewarding loyal customers, multi location construction businesses are sure to capture more leads and see their profits increase online. 

Portions of this article were contributed by

Stacey Bailiff


Innovative Building Materials

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/@cristian-rojas

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