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Your business is strong and rock solid. So let’s champion your capabilities and culture, using strategic tactics across the most effective media channels. By capturing the attention and respect of your ideal customers, they’ll not only know you, they’ll know they can count on you. And that’s a big first step to success and sustained growth.

Typical client engagements include…

strategy flag aligning your customer needs with your purpose


Let’s get to the heart of your core business needs. It starts with identifying the audiences you want to attract, then positioning your company to appeal to them. When your team is aligned around the vision and values necessary to do this, you’ve created a foundation for effective marketing that will resonate with those you want to reach.


In addition to a brand makeover and new inbound-optimized website, we worked with Burke Gibson’s sales team to position the company as an authority in custom commercial millwork and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness...

branding to tell your companies story to better reflect your capabilities, culture and future focused vision


A strong, modern brand is a powerful asset. It gives you the competitive edge over your rivals, inspires your internal teams with a renewed sense of purpose, creates unmatched customer loyalty, and builds equity that lasts a lifetime. We collaborate with your team to build the perfect brand system to capture your company’s capabilities, culture, and future-focused vision.


We retooled Port of Longview’s brand to reflect the blue-collar pride it mutually shared with the community around it. We evolved everything from the logo, website to video. The award-winning solution has captured the hard working spirit of the Port, its employees and the community. A fresh brand has rekindled its passion it has been long known for…

digital marketing and website design showcase your company in  lead generating platform


Today, the digital world is all about customer engagement. That’s why you should think of the entire digital experience as an inbound marketing machine. You need to offer your customers a compelling user experience, one that not only draws search results, but converts visitors, turning them from curious browsers to committed advocates.


We developed a robust product database for all varieties and models of garage doors this company has to offer. We also built a smart dealer locator feature to amplify the customer experience...

marketing develop a plan, tactics and materials to attract quality business


To grow, your company needs integrated marketing campaigns that square with your prospects. We utilize a mix of modern and traditional tactics and media, constantly monitor them to understand what works (and what doesn’t), and adjust them to help your dollar go so much further down the path to success.


Corliss was in need of a cohesive marketing system to speak to its diverse audiences, from their B to B construction materials business, to their retail landscaping division, to community awareness. We developed a plan and system to bring all their communications under one umbrella…

We Specialize in the

Building Industry

The building industry makes up to 18% of the nation’s GDP and is one of the oldest vocations in the world. We are dedicated to making it more attractive in the minds of the younger workforce and reinvigorate the respect it deserves, one business at a time.






Coldwell Banker Danforth has worked with Rusty George for over 10 years.  They treat our business like it is their own. We love the fact that they always have put their heart and soul into making sure our marketing and graphics look great and project the company image as we want.  Rusty has always put a full effort into digging deep into what makes us tick so they are on the same page with their work product. We can wholeheartedly recommend RGC for all your marketing/graphic needs.

Dave Danforth
President, Coldwell Banker Danforth

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