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We are Rusty George Creative, and everything we do revolves around you. Specializing in strategic branding, we combine your goals with your customer’s needs to tell your unique story and get you noticed.


Rusty George Creative is an award-winning northwest branding agency that specializes in developing compelling brand experiences by defining and communicating who you are across every touch point — from brand strategy and messaging, to web design and video marketing — in the most effective way possible.

Here's just few of the companies, just like yours, whose brands we've developed:

  • Port of Longview
    Hometown Dogs
    Byron Automation
    Tote, Inc.
    Interstate Distributor Co.
    Data Imagery
    Delong's Deluxe
    Humane Society of Tacoma <br/>Pierce County
    Black Bear Frozen Yogurt
    Tacoma Art Museum
    Harbor Place <br/> at Cottesmore
    Northern Fish Company
    Zeno Math
    Discover Books
    City of Tacoma
    Financial Insights
    Tacoma Pierce County <br/>Health Department

What We Do

Who you are is how your audience sees you. It’s how you connect to capture attention, trust and loyalty.

But, it’s a cluttered universe out there filled with constant distractions and an endless onslaught of information. You’ve got to work harder to stay relevant and engaging to an audience with gnat-sized attention spans. It’s not enough to just to talk about all of the cool stuff you do better than the next guy. You’ve got to tell your story — from first impression, on — in a way that will be influential and memorable.

Mixing equal parts discovery, strategy and imagination, we at Rusty George Creative have been building engaging brand experiences since before the turn of the century. Our process is a well-honed collaboration between our team and yours that will uncover the most effective solutions to generate real business results. We create lasting bonds that connect on an emotional level and give your audience a reason to like you.

Our specialties include
  • Brand analysis & positioning
  • Messaging & taglines
  • Logo design
  • Creative strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Website design & development
  • Mobile & emerging platforms
  • Ecommerce design
  • Video & rich media
  • Environmental design
  • Branded campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting


We are a team of high-caliber creatives, strategic thinkers and tenacious problem solvers. Never rusty. A tad quirky… and always a blast to work with. Meet the crew:

  • Rusty

Rusty George | Creative Principal

Rusty applies over 25 years of creative wisdom to supervise a team of highly-skilled artists and thinkers producing compelling brand experiences for a variety of clientele. When not guiding clients through the studio's brand process, he can be found speaking at any number of regional conferences on the importance of telling a strong story through visual communications.
Secret To the Universe: It’s held together by duct tape.
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Carlos Lozano | Art Director

Carlos is an impressively diverse art director & designer who pushes his team to develop solutions that are visually exciting and innovative. His multidisciplinary skill set was honed while working with some of the top names in the fight sports industry where he unleashed creative that packed a serious punch and sometimes a kick. He is fueled by an aggressive intake of coffee, self criticism, and the need to deliver the best creative for the client and their audience no matter what. He is also accepting donations to take a sweet vacation to Bali.
Secret To the Universe: Failing Upwards
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Hana Kato | Art Director

Hana’s life as a creative first came to light when her school district offered to purchase her rendition of a Matisse painting while she was in 6th grade — an offer she refused. While attending Western Washington Universities’ design program, Hana developed a solid foundation in visual thinking and critical analysis. Eventually she made her way down to Tacoma, where she chased her dreams of merging design and social justice by working for Tacoma Community House. Hana brings to the table a background in nonprofit marketing, solid design skills, expertise in UX and front-end programming, and an endless capacity for learning and drinking tea.
Secret To the Universe: Dancing
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Julie Burr | Strategist

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Julie cut her teeth as an account coordinator, and has been in the biz longer than she would like to admit. Her on-the-job education and jump-into-the-deep-end business approach have driven marketing strategies for companies ranging from small business consultants to Fortune 500 companies. Part marketer, part runner, part self-contained energy source, Julie brings marketing strategy to life (and she's one heckuva bowler).
Secret To the Universe: Enthusiasm is contagious.
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Jennifer McCorkle | Account Manager

Jennifer is a client-centric Jedi who utilizes the Force in order to represent and maintain the client’s objectives. Her proficiency in account management cuts across industries, from manufacturing to IT. She uses her powers of organization and multi-tasking for the greater good and can be found obsessing over the details, keeping an eagle eye on budgets and timelines, and rooting for UW. GO DAWGS!
Secret To the Universe: It’s far better to spoil the ending than to wait for the surprise.
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Matt Elbon | Creative

Matt’s experience as a designer goes back to his youth – drawing all over his grade school homework instead of completing it. He moved to Washington from Iowa to attend Seattle Central College to hone his skills and learn multiple creative disciplines. It was the fire from a particular agency that forged him into a design powerhouse. When he’s not herding pixels, he can found spending time with his family here in T-Town.
Secret To the Universe: Maniacal Laughter
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Erica Riker | Creative

As a kid in Upstate New York, curating her own 25¢ marker-and-paper solo shows, Erica knew she needed to work in the arts. After honing solid visual ideation skills during her design studies in NY, she moved from coast to coast collaborating with artists along the way and learning invaluable problem-solving and technical skills working with both self-taught and seasoned designers, molding her into the multifaceted designer she is today. Erica cherishes the responsibility of creating compelling visual voices for every client, and she is constantly gaining inspiration from the newest design trends, the timeless classics, and really hot chicken wings.
Secret To the Universe: Warm cats
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Sarah Terry | Creative

Sarah is a designer, perfectionist, food enthusiast and lover of RPGs. Interested in art at a young age, she studied Graphic Design in Orlando, Florida and went on to work for agencies in the area. Hungry for a change of scenery, she later moved to the west coast. Sarah's expertise is in branding and identity design and illustration, and she is always striving to learn about other aspects of design. When she's not glued to a sketchbook or computer screen, Sarah plays video games, reads comics and attempts to cuddle with her cat.
Secret To the Universe: Sleeping in
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Seeking | Talented Creative

Skilled In Brand Strategy, Print, Digital, Advertising
Candidates Only Please.

Rusty George Creative, a leading branding, advertising and design firm in the South Puget Sound is seeking a qualified can-do creative talent with a natural ability to interpret our clients’ visions and deliver dazzling visual solutions. The ideal candidate will have proficient knowledge of the protocols of branding, print, environmental, advertising and digital media. A relentless enthusiasm, passion for design and positive attitude are essential.

  • Must have strong design skills, creative imagination, artistic ability and talent in the art of communicating
  • Must have solid understanding of how to design for digital media (web design, UX, e-marketing tactics, video production, etc.)
  • Experience in actual web development, video production or animation is a major plus, although not necessary
  • Must be able to collaborate in team environment and be receptive to instruction and critical feedback
  • Proactive, self motivated, not afraid to take initiative
  • Proficient knowledge in industry software
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Solid command of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to self-monitor and record time via company’s time tracking software
  • Demonstrate confidence and poise; must not be afraid to stand up for and sell your ideas (sometimes to clients if necessary)
Core Responsibilities to Include
  • Take prepared brief and research and solve client problem creatively, effectively and efficiently
  • Generate concepts that meet or exceed Agency standards
  • Must think in larger brand-building campaign platforms across all media
  • Professionally execute concepts across a variety of media, including print, advertising, and digital platforms
  • Learn to operate efficiently within the Agency’s process of production and workflow
  • Be dedicated to ongoing learning and honing of knowledge and craftsmanship
If you believe you have the caliber of talent required to join our team we invite you to send your resume and portfolio to
No phone calls please.
PLEASE NOTE: E-mailed or physically mailed correspondence only. An automatically sent link from your Linked In profile displays a lack of initiative unworthy of our ideal candidate and will be immediately discarded. Unsolicited phone calls are not appreciated. Thank you!
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Kitura George | Operations Manager

Kitura is a super-organized, uber-detailed, list-making, budget watching asset to the company. She also happens to be the wife of the infamous Rusty George. Her past work-including wedding planning and community relations-make her an expert at keeping us focused on the big picture.
Secret To the Universe: Confidence is like lip gloss, all you have to do is put it on.
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Leah Ettenhofer | Creative

The youngest member of the design team, Leah earned her place by interning at RGC. Her performance showed skill and innovation and she gained a position even before graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle. Since then, her design skills have grown to include web design and front-end development. When she’s not staring at a computer screen, she likes to go to the gym and lift heavy things, and put them back down again.
Secret To the Universe: Read more books. Have better grammar. Win.
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Jacquelyn Marcella | Traffic Manager

Jacquelyn ensures that all projects follow an orderly and timely flow through the shop. Surrounded by a team of big picture visionaries and high-level thinkers, she knows it’s all in the details and works to make sure even the “small stuff” isn’t overlooked. She occasionally takes a break from her relentless focus on meeting deadlines to master the precise art of baking cookies.
Secret To the Universe: When in doubt, add garlic.
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Crissy Pagulayan | Accounts Director

Crissy's experience in account management includes working in agencies small and large from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to the Isle of Hawaii. Her role is to be the main point of contact for you. She schedules internal and external meetings, manages project budgets and timelines and acts as your advocate when allocating shop resources. When she is not leading a team of stellar account managers, you can find her giving pony rides to her preschooler, feeding her baby, making dinner for her husband and walking the dog…all at the same time.
Secret To the Universe: Jazz hands
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Chris McInerney | Creative Director

Chris brings over two decades of experience of creating award winning brands, packaging, web and interactive experiences. He has worked with companies ranging from boutique wineries to Fortune 100 corporations. When he’s not busy solving the world’s design problems, you can find him cruising in his classic convertible truck.
Secret To the Universe: Design is a good idea
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Sir Winston | Ruler on High

Some think Sir Winston’s main responsibility is keeping the floor clear of spilled popcorn. Others think it’s his alerting the team of any nefarious activities out the back window. But we all know his main purpose is to be included on our website as one of the team members in order to annoy haters who think having dogs on a creative agency website is passé. Woof. woof.
Secret To the Universe: Begging
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Centrally located to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and beyond, our studio is stuffed to the gills with strategists, designers, account managers, project managers and creativity. Killer design only happens when the whole crew pitches in, so our studio is setup for collaboration and conversation. Stop by and visit next time you are in the neighborhood!



Rusty George Creative has a long history of providing pro-bono work to local non-profit organizations, helping them elevate their brand and credibility that in turn allows them to better help the community around us. Each year, we accept grant applications from non-profits around the region and then award one participant with a full rebranding campaign. Our selection process is completely democratic, non-biased and solely based on the opportunity to do great work we as a group believe it will provide.

Attention: Unfortunately we will not be taking on a grant for 2016. Please check back for grant opportunities in the future.

Here are a few past grant recipients:

Hilltop Artists

THE COG - Our Blog

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